Heat of neutralisation (Calculation)

To determine the heat of neutralization between a strong acid (hydrochloric acid) and a strong alkali (sodium hydroxide)

Procedure :
1. Measure 50 cm3 2.0 mol dm-3 sodium hydroxide solution and pour it into the polystyrene cup,
2. Put the thermometer into the sodium hydroxide solution. Record the initial temperature,
3. Measure 50 cm3 2.0 mol dm-3 hydrochloric acid solution  and record the initial temperature,
4. Pour the hydrochloric acid solution quickly into the sodium hydroxide solution in the
    polystyrene cup.
5. Stir the mixture with the thermometer and record the highest temperature achieved.

Result :
Initial temperature of sodium hydroxide solution =  29.0 0C
Initial temperature of hydrochloric acid  solution =  29.0 0C
Highest temperature of the mixture                     =  42.0 0C
[ Specific heat capacity of solution : 4.2 J g-1 0C-1 . Density of solution : 1 g cm-3 ]

Calculate the heat of neutralization.
(Ans: - 54.6 kJ mol-1)

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