Heat of combustion (calculation)

An experiment was carried out to determine the heat of combustion of ethanol.
The table below shows the experimental results
Volume of water in copper tin (cm3)
Mass of spirit lamp before heating (g)
Mass of spirit lamp after heating (g)
Initial temperature of water (C)
Maximum temperature of water (C)
a) Calculate the number of mole of ethanol used.
b) Calculate the heat absorbed by the water.
c) Calculate the heat of combustion of ethanol.
[Specific heat capacity of solution : 4.2 J g-1 0C-1 . Density of solution : 1 g cm-3 ] 
Relative atomic mass: H = 1; C = 12; O = 16]

Answer: a) 0.0163 mol  b) 21 kJ           c) – 1288.34 kJ mol-1

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